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Oh yes: I have a list!

Best albums of 2012

11. Tame Impala – Lonerism

Much has been made of the psychedelic guitar sounds and shoegaze-meets-chillwave sounds. I dig it.

10. Allo Darlin -  Europe

Although not as intimate as their debut, it still is an excellent album by one of the charming bands I know.

9. Dinosaur Jr. – I Bet On Sky

Not necessarily a classic, but this anticipated album by one my all-time favourite acts did all but disapoint.


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Cymbalic History

These are some notes on drumming I made ages ago, but still resound (literally and figuratively).

I started drumming at the age of 15, with a cheap drumkit and even cheaper cymbals. A hi-hat and a crash/ride combo with the sustain of a elephant falling to its death in a barren dessert. Two things this aspiring drummer, already performing in a metal band, realises: 1) buy a double bass pedal ASAP and 2) the more cymbals

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De Grondtoon: Hoe Groove, Oomph & Flow leven en liefde structureren.

Note: I wrote a pseudo-philosophical monolgue/speech for two dear friends (Jaap van Kemenade & Ellis Pijnenborg) who got married last saturday. People (and the couple) said they really liked it. Perhaps not a bad idea to post it here. Only in Dutch I’m afraid.

Er is mij gevraagd om een analyse, een paar woorden van duiding op deze mooie dag. Het schijnt een van mijn kwaliteiten te zijn, en bovendien kan ik Aap en Jellis natuurlijk

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Simon Reynolds' Retromania

You have to dig the somewhat nerdy persona of Simon Reynolds, a man so much involved with cool music he has not time for hipster haircuts and glasses. At least if we judge him from his interviews in BBC musicdocumentary gems like “Synth Britannia” and “Go West: How the Brits rocked America.”

Sandwiched between beautiful archival footage and rockstars of yore, he sits there, slightly sloughing in a non-descript t-shirt. But

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Le Guess Who 2011 - So it Goes

(c) Juri Hiensch

So it goes. These words, lifted out of Slaughterhouse Five by way of the Akron/family T-shirt I’m currently wearing, in a peculiar way sum up my feelings of the marvellous Le Guess Who festival that washed over my hometown for the 5th year in a row (you can find my comments on the previous edition here).

So it goes. This is a set of

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Nostalgia, Melancholia & Art I: Gillian Welch & Dave Rawlings

A year ago I posted some words about the Take Root festival where the audience tore the house down when Dave Rawlings Machine performed with Gillian Welch.  Last monday they tore down the church, when Gillian Welch & Dave Rawlings performed in the always beautiful Paradiso. This time it was Gillian fronting and we heard only two guitars (and the occassional banjo and harmonica) and two voices. It was in all respects, phenomenal.

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Een Rijke Vlaamse Oogst onder een Hollandse Linde

(Due to the Dutch nature of the events, this post will be in Dutch for a change…sorry for all you english-speakers)

De afgesproken plek.

Zondag 24 juli 2011. Het is hartje zomer, maar daar denkt het weer anders over. Een zeer koude en regenachtige dag, met geen enkele zonnestraal die zich door het dikke wolkendek kan boren. Als culturele boeren gaan wij toch op pad. Het

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Gijs' Voracious Appetite V : The Village, Factory, Bon Iver, Scritti & London

Well, it has been a while. I’m sorry, let’s start anew. With a batch of voracious appetite. As it is raining outside we need some culture. Here is what I have been up to.

First let me share you a nice little irony in my life. Right after my post on doppio’s and city-life and the challenge to find and review coffeeplaces in search for the equivalent of the great Caffeenation in Antwerp, word came to

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I used to be a film critic, but life intervened....

I used to be a very active member of a certain cinephile community, that shared films and talked alot about them. The forums were highly interesting and active. I am still a member but rarely contribute anymore. Recently I revisited the forums and found myself reading a younger version of me, who said remarkably eloquent things about cinema. Somehow I have the feeling I was at my peek.

On Von Trier’s Dancer in the Dark

The last

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A doppio and a glass of water, please!

You might mock me, but I have this picture of me as a cosmopolitan city-dweller. You know the type,sitting in a coffee-bar with his obligatory macbook and designer glasses, consumed by a nondescript intellectual/creative activity performed mostly through typing, reading and writing in a moleskine. I fail to live the cliche, however, as my dress-sense is hardly expensive, ridiculously tasteful, artistically expressive nor designer-ish, my

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